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Special Training Programme

Learning by Doing

football training programme in IndiaBeing Number 1 means more responsibilities and we, at Sports Syndicate, are committed to fulfill all our responsibilities to maintain our premier position.

We believe that to produce quality and globally acceptable sports goods, one should understand the basic principle behind that particular good or equipment which makes it unique. Working on this belief, we have taken an initiative to make our people play the respective sport themselves. In 2006, our management decided that our people should play sport, so that they know what they are manufacturing and how can they make it the BEST. With our commitment to provide quality products, we organize regular sessions to make our skilled workforce themselves use the sports goods under testing conditions.

By starting this program, we became the first sports goods Exporter that produces the products by making people play and learn the principles of working of sports goods and equipment.

The management encouraged the people to choose their favourite sport and show their skills and talent. After this, huge investment were made on developing our own play grounds, providing people their individual jerseys and equipment and then arranging training sessions and organizing matches for them. We provide professional soccer training to our people involved in manufacturing of our soccer accessories.

After providing training and arranging matches in our football training programme, the best players were selected and three teams were formed, namely:
professional soccer trainingWe take pride in announcing that within only 8 months time, our soccer club defeated the best college team of city. It was worth for the organization to invest on the employees, who showed that they have the best of dedication by giving excellent results. This was enough encouragement for the management to further boost the moral of employees and hence a special professinal soccer training camp by a swiss coach was organized to let the people learn some more advanced skills.

Now after playing themselves on the field and using the sports equipment that they manufacture, our people understand the critical aspects of the training equipment, soccer balls and wears which make them acceptable. The understanding of how a particular equipment or sports good work and behaves, helps them in making and developing a best product.

Today, we are confident that our endeavor and penchant to make the people play sport, initiative will bring more laurels and rewards for the company in future.

Sports Syndicate, Jalandhar

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